What Is Expected From WIN Employees?

Short Answer is A whole lot!

WIN Employee Expectations and OVERALL RESPONSIBILITY for our Adult Services Programs:

To provide responsive, person-centered, trauma-informed services, using harm reduction techniques as required, for adults with developmental disabilities at an excellent standard. Under the guidance of the Team Leader and within the limits of the approved policies and procedures of WIN, employees support individuals with the day-to-day living and operations of maintaining a household in addition to supporting individuals in the achievement of personal goals identified in individual support plans. The goals should be for the benefit, and well-being of the individuals served.

The employee must be a committed, consistent, nurturing person in order to maintain the rights and freedoms of those served by WIN.

1. Individual Support and Development
a) Support individual(s) with their person-centered planning process
• As a member of the team: Assess attainable needs and wants of the individual(s) and strive to ensure they are met;
b) Encourage and assist each individual to participate in daily activities and responsibilities of their personal lives and home
• Provide accurate and complete information in a manner consistent with the individual’s communication and understanding to make informed choices and decisions regarding their life;
• Provide emotional, spiritual, life skills, and social support in a manner that respects and honours the individual’s preferences, privacy and dignity;
• Ensure the rights of the individual(s) are adhered to

2. Relationships and Community Involvement
a) Play an active role in providing opportunities for relationships
• Create opportunities and build skills on how to form and maintain relationships

b) Teach and assist individuals to develop positive social interactions
• Identify and prepare individuals for social settings
• Provide repeated opportunities for activities that the individual(s) enjoy

3. Advocacy
• Advocate for justice, inclusion, and full community participation;
• Promote the rights of vulnerable persons and assist them to understand these rights;
• Respect individuals’ right to privacy

4. Health
a) Ensure individual’s emotional, physical and medical needs are met when required
• Coordinate and attend all medical, dental, optical and other required appointments, when needed;
• Report and record health and medical information;
• Ensure medication administration records are set up and accurately completed;
• Know the medications and respond to the specific pharmaceutical precautions;
• Recognize and respond to concerns of abuse or neglect

5. Communication
a) Maintain positive, kind, constructive, and effective communication
• Utilize appropriate communication styles and skills with individuals, families, co-workers, management, and the community at large;
• Be open to feedback and be accountable for personal and professional growth aimed at improving skills;
b) Ensure completion and secure storage of records and documentation in accordance with Agency policies and procedures and funder requirements;
• Monitor and respond to completion of the following: individuals’ files, medical information, incident reports, behavioral observations, individual support plans, etc.

6. Organizational
• Participate in team, staff meetings, and professional development;
• Assist in the training and orientation of new staff;
• Follow the policies and procedures of the organization;
• Maintain confidentiality – during and even after employment ends

7. Financial Management
a) Assist the individuals with the management of their personal funds and joint household funds on a day-to-day basis
• Maintain receipts for all purchases and report mismanagement of funds;
• Maintain ledgers for individuals and household

8. Safety
• Ensure property and appliances/equipment are maintained in clean, safe working order;
• Ensure compliance with fire safety regulations;
• Ensure that food is handled safely and stored properly;
• Minimize risk, report and respond to unsafe conditions, also regarding working alone
• Allow for and support appropriate risk-taking

9 Workplace Culture
• Maintain a positive peer culture through kind constructive conversations;
• Address issues and resolve conflicts in a professional, constructive manner;
• Give and receive feedback;
• Be a team player

The above list is not a comprehensive list of tasks or duties. As you can see, we have high expectations of our staff. Our staff work at WIN because they share our values and they have a genuine desire to provide excellent services. The individuals we serve deserve nothing less than the very best we have to offer!

Things Disability Support Staff Do – from Open Futures Learning

Stay Tuned for What WIN Employees Can Expect. We ask a lot of our employees, so we strive to provide them with the tools they need to meet our very high expectations.

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