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CET Standards General Information

Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) Creating Excellence Together (CET) are the accreditation standards that WIN strives to achieve. The survey is done every three years, and there are two levels of accreditation available to services providers, details of which you can view on the website linked below:

  • Accreditation Level 1 assesses a primary, mandatory level of service outcomes and performance
  • Accreditation Level 2 promotes an advanced level of performance achievement

Both levels of the CET Accreditation Standards help service providers to evaluate their services to individuals, their human resources, and their overall operations.

WIN Survey Types Achieved:

In addition to Level 1, WIN also participated in the Complex Needs Support Needs Designation to evaluate our other services and supports to individuals.

Other Optional Survey Types available:

WIN will consider adding Respite for Children, Youth and Adults with Disabilities and Services for Children in our next survey in 2025.

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