Gentle Teaching Level 1 Training

What’s the Buzz About Gentle Teaching at WIN?

It’s all about being. Being who we intend to be. Being intentional. Being with the people we serve. It is really who we are, and who we have always been. We are excited to embark on this journey of making it our official guiding philosophy!

Why is WIN doing this training?

First a little history and the evolution of WIN!

Our Executive Director Greg Morris came to Westlock to assume his current position at the helm as our first and only (to date) Director. His personal philosophy at the time was, in our opinion, years ahead of societal norms. For example, he never opted for the “group home” style of service delivery that was, and continues to be the norm.  It was his mission to “rescue” people from institutional care and help them live normal lives in our community.

Without a blueprint, and without a likeminded team, he struggled to implement his vision to its
full extent. Discovering Gentle Teaching at this juncture allows him to see his vision through with the framework, structure, and guidance that our collaborating agency Creative Options Regina (COR) is offering to provide us.

COVID caused a cultural shift in our agency that we are still feeling the after shocks from. The high rate of turnover caused by the pandemic, and continuing today, has resulted in a new workforce. It is a less stable workforce than we had due to many years of experience lost. Our industry in general doesn’t offer an environment that allows for growth and development – attracting and maintaining young talent is difficult. Instead, we spend our time and dollars training them and they move on to other industries.
Gentle Teaching will provide job satisfaction that will change that – we know it will because it has for the agencies that have embraced it.

What is Gentle Teaching?

It’s a philosophy, but it’s more than that. It’s a culture. Some may say a movement. We think it’s a lifestyle. We could not be more excited! It is very difficult to express the concepts in written text, or even in short videos. That’s why we are inviting friends and family members to attend a session and learn about along with us and our staff!

When is it happening?

May 16, 2023 at 6:30PM – 8:30PM
Our trainers will be presenting to our staff over two days so that everyone is able to participate. They have generously offered to do a condensed session for family and community members in the evening.

Where is happening?

At the Ramada Hotel in Westlock!
We hope to see you there. Stop in for an informative presentation and refreshments.