Government Cut Backs and WIN

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you have probably heard that WIN could lose more than $400,000 in funding dollars as a result of the latest cutbacks the Alberta Government is planning. There is considerable confusion about the cut backs that are to be implemented July 1, 2013.

What will this mean for WIN and the people we serve? This is a question that many are asking. Please visit the links below to learn more about this crisis situation and what you can do to help.

WIN facing $400,000 reduction

PDD service providers dealing with $9 million in budget cuts

Westlock News Article – Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Province steps back on disability services cuts

CTV News -May 18, 2013

Following a protest held at the legislature, an announcement came that indicated that the government may be reconsidering… click the image to see the news story.

It turned out that the reports of the government reconsidering the cuts was grossly over stated.  The following story indicates that the reconsideration comment was little more than a tactic to stop protesters, thereby reducing public awareness:

PDD cuts ‘moving forward’ despite protests

Tories deny plan to reduce funding is under review

By Darcy Henton, Calgary Herald May 22, 2013

“This transition will ensure that persons with disabilities who can work, and who want to work, will have the supports to help them do so,” said Solicitor General Frank Oberle last week. Photograph by: Gavin Young, Calgary Herald

Read more: The Calgary Herald

People are rallying together to let the government know that these cuts are not acceptable to Albertans.  Many of our clients are not able to speak for themselves, and are dependent upon us to speak for them.  If you would like to have your voice heard on behalf of disabled people, please consider signing the petition at the link below.  Be sure to like and share the link to help collect the 10,000 signatures:

Upcoming Events:

Block the Party – May 25, 2013 – this sounds like a must not miss family event!

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Fish Philosophy

We Work Within the FISH Philosophy!

What’s The FISH! Philosophy about?

The FISH! Philosophy was inspired by a business that is world famous for its incredible energy and commitment to service—the Pike Place Fish Market. We studied the fishmongers and identified four simple practices that help anyone bring new energy and commitment to their work.

Organizations around the world are using the FISH! Philosophy to:
• Provide amazing service that makes customers want to come back again and again.
• Build a culture where employees love to give their best every day.
• Build effective leaders who inspire through their example.
• Improve teamwork and build trust.

FFS Clearance - World Famous Poster - large

Improving the Health of Children with Disabilities

A new program may help improve the lives of children with disabilities-and help them better manage their health.

Sixty-six percent of adults with disabilities are not very satisfied with their lives; 78 percent are unemployed; and they have increased health concerns, including greater susceptibility to additional health problems.

However, a new DVD may help improve the future outlook for children with disabilities. Called “Fit for the Future,” it addresses two of the most important issues facing people with disabilities today: health and employment. The DVD was released by Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

“Fit for the Future” is meant to be a unique, innovative program that fills a void in available materials. The DVD includes three 20- to 30-minute, upbeat, kid-friendly exercise routines-stretching, strengthening and stamina-that can be done seated or standing. The exercise portion of the DVD features patients and therapists from the Tampa Shriners Hospital, as well as FBI personnel from Tampa, Fla., Washington, D.C., and Quantico, Va.

The program also includes informational sections on the Shriners fraternity, Shriners Hospitals for Children and the FBI.

The DVD has a second, equally important message of potential future employment. Statistically, people with disabilities have the highest unemployment rate (around 70 percent). Learning that the FBI specifically wants to hire people with disabilities could be a tremendous source of encouragement for kids with disabilities.

While designed primarily for children with orthopaedic disabilities, “Fit for the Future” is an exercise program virtually everyone can use. The exercise routines featured are general and basic enough to offer a starting point for a fitness regimen.

There is a growing awareness of the importance of providing exercise opportunities for people with disabilities. “We believe that a program featuring children with disabilities, as well as the strong presence of an FBI Agent as both partner and role model, may help motivate children with disabilities to exercise,” said Peter Armstrong, M.D., medical affairs director for Shriners Hospitals for Children.

Credit for the concept belongs to FBI Special Agent James Knights, who is also a Shriner. Knights, of Pittsburgh, Pa., wanted to create a way to help children with disabilities know that if they worked hard and stayed as strong and healthy as possible, their future could include a career in the FBI.

For more information on Shriners’ network of 22 hospitals that provide medical care and services to children with orthopaedic problems, burns, spinal cord injuries, and cleft lip and palate at no charge, write to Shriners International Headquarters, 2900 Rocky Point Dr., Tampa, FL 33607 or visit All services are provided at no charge to children under 18, regardless of financial need or relation to a Shriner.