Covid 19 – Our Response

While our office is closed, we remain available:
By email:
By telephone: 780-349-5388 (leave a message)
Or our emergency/on call line: 780-307-1118

This page provides a timeline of events and will be updated as events unfold. Please read the entire page as it lists the actions we have implemented.
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April 1, 2020: As we enter a new month, we are all just coming to terms with the gravity of the situation. The entire world is dealing with the same issues. It can be overwhelming for everyone, but it is particularly difficult for some of the individuals we serve to understand why their world’s have been turned upside down. Physical distancing is our new normal, and that means individuals are separated from their families or from their staff. People who have gone to stay with their families are missing their routines and their staff. People who are at home with their roommates are missing their families. New pages are being added to showcase some of the people we serve to share how they are coping during this pandemic. We are having to be creative to stay connected. Keep an eye on these pages as they will be growing as people submit their pictures, videos and stories. All images are published with permission from individuals and guardians. We hope that these images will help lift everyone’s spirits.

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Before Social Distancing was cool

March 25: A rough day today! Our area records its first confirmed case. We also learned about an outbreak in a group home for adults with developmental disabilities in Calgary. We recognize that this is a stressful and difficult time for everyone. As we navigate these uncharted waters, it is important that we take care of each other. WIN staff are using social media and technology to stay connected. We have a great group of people who are funny and witty and they are helping everyone to cope by keeping us laughing. Staff are being creative in their work with individuals who really don’t understand why their routines have been so drastically changed. In spite of their confusion, their staff are making their days full and fun and spreading joy. Our Executive Director made the comment on several occasions that crisis defines us. We can be so proud as a collective group and an agency of how we are defining ourselves in this crisis.

March 24: The stats have continued to rise each day. As of today at 4:30PM there are 358 cases in Alberta, and 20 in the north zone. Tomorrow we will begin reaching out to families to touch base and determine next steps. Some families are self isolating together and not concerned about resuming services while others are anxious to resume. With no way to predict what each day will bring, we will continue to keep the lines of communication open and do our very best to provide the support needed.

Michelle's bitmoji promoting 6 foot rule
Michelle’s bitmoji promoting 6 foot rule

March 21: ACDS Pandemic Resource Page may be helpful at this time.

Alberta Health reports an increase to 226 total cases. Town and Country News reports that Fines Are Coming for Albertans Who Don’t Follow Covid-19 Safety Steps

March 20: Confirmed cases in Alberta have jumped from 146 yesterday to 195 today, and from 10 to 17 in our north zone. We continue to practice and increase our social distancing efforts. Our office is closed to the public but open to staff. Office staff are working from home.

March 19: The confirmed cases in Alberta have jumped from 119 to 146 overnight and from 4 to 10 confirmed in our north region.

March 18: We now have 4 confirmed cases in the north region, 119 in the province, and we have 16 staff who are unavailable for work due to self isolating.

Several Staff are Self Isolating

March 17: The good news is that there’s only one confirmed case in our north zone, but the bad news is that the numbers of confirmed cases are quickly growing.

Michelle Says:
Wash Your Hands!

Memo to staff to advise of additional measures to prevent the spread and reminders to:

>Wash hands when you arrive as per hand washing technique and use hand sanitizer (if available), wash hands several times throughout the shift;

>Maintain personal space of 3-6 feet (whenever possible), wear masks for closer contact (if available)

> Wipe down hard surfaces as listed in previous memo (using disinfectant solution at each shift change)

> Minimize staff coming and going; no visitors (family or otherwise),

>For essentials like groceries; take advantage of grocery stores and pharmacies delivering to homes, some selected WIN staff may help but do not take individuals shopping,

>No outside events, although getting out for a walk, drive or spending time in your yard are good options. Many events and businesses are already closed; Library, Aquatic Centre, Spirit Centre, Bingo, Schools, Action Bus, Day Care and some bowling events – events for over 50 people.

> Effective today at 3:00 pm; In the best interests of the vulnerable people we serve, if people choose to leave to spend any time with their families, they are expected to remain with them for a minimum of two weeks. We will re-evaluate on March 30

>Take advantage of other ways of visiting; phone calls, social media, texting, video calls (Facetime) etc.

>Suggested activities; crafts, games, movies, baking or look online and share your ideas.

Staying Connected!

March 16: Our Risk Management Committee is meeting daily, reviewing the current situation and updating our responses as the situation evolves.

March 15: In our efforts to practice social distancing as recommended by various levels of government, we cancelled Employment, Community Access and Respite Services.

We will be having minimal staff at the office but can always be reached by; Emailing: leaving a message at 780-349-5388 after hours emergency phone; 780-307-1118

March 12, 2020: As COVID-19 is in the news and certainly closer to home, our Risk Management Committee is staying informed and beginning the process of planning our response.

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